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We're so excited about your interest in serving at Upon The Rock this Summer! Keep reading to find out more information about Junior Camp, and feel free to check out any of the Staff Position Descriptions!

You're just about ready to begin your journey to camp.

We can't wait to see you there!




Junior Camp is a fantastic week-long experience for campers from 7th-10th Grade, set in the beautiful Pikes Peak region, and centered around our desire to show campers the love and truth of Christ.

We usually have cabins of around four to eight campers, with two to three Counselors, and host tons of amazing activities, such as Archery, Ziplining, Climbing Walls, Art Projects, and more!

You'll make s'mores, go star-gazing, and we promise that when you see our pedal-car race-course, your jaw is going to drop! On our journey to learning more about God and His Word, we have a LOT of fun!

Thanks to the age-group of this week, Junior Camp is a time of really digging deep into God's Word. We've had amazing conversations about many deep truths, and always look forward to the questions and discussions that the kids bring up. While Junior Camp is a lot of fun, expect to be amazed at what God does here!

Each year, we also pick a set of Theme Verses

for each of our camps.

These verses determine what topics we'll be teaching on during our Teaching Times and help guide our Bible Discussions that happen every night in the cabins!


This is an incredible time for campers to ask questions, talk openly about things they're struggling with, and it's a chance for our Counselors to open their Bibles with the kids.

Never worked as a Staff Member before? No problem!

Our Team is ready to show you the ropes, and there's no better place to learn than Upon The Rock. We have an incredible family of Staff here that's been in the business of camp for over twenty years, and we're so excited to bring you on board.

We love camp,

and there's nothing we love more than our Staff! 


Junior Camp hosts an Amazing Team of Counselors, Art Ministry Staff, Activity Ministry Staff, Nutritional Ministry Staff, and so many more.

If you enjoy working with kids, sharing the beautiful news of Christ, and having more fun than should probably be legal, please consider coming to a week of camp (or two) at Upon The Rock! 

Click the button below to start the Application Process.

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