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We're so excited about your interest in serving at Upon The Rock this Summer! Keep reading to find out more information about camp.

You're just about ready to begin

your journey to camp.

We can't wait to see you there!



The job of every counselor is to provide Christ-centered leadership and guidance for the campers he/she is responsible for, to uphold camp policies and to love his/her kids!!  As a Head Counselor, you will be working to guide your Leadership Team, consisting of one or two other counselors, to the best of your ability while you share the love of Christ with your campers!


  • Is self-motivated and works well with little supervision

  • Possesses a practical working knowledge of the Bible

  • Has a consistent walk with the Lord to model and pass on

  • Communicates a heart for ministry through word and action

  • Willing to work humbly alongside their Team Members, while maintaining strong leadership.



  • Maintain camp standards, uphold camp policy and become wholeheartedly involved in the camp program                    

  • Help point the unbelieving to a saving faith in Christ through word and action!

  • Try to understand your camper's emotional needs and do what you can to show the love of Christ in regards to those needs.

  • Seek to promote the fun, excitement, struggle, and adventure of living the Christian life

  • Care for the camper’s health and safety in a conscientious manner

  • Work with other counselors and staff members in meeting the camp’s objectives

  • Willing to serve wholeheartedly if additional responsibilities arise

  • Willing to challenge his/her campers through meaningful times of discussion about life in regards to the Christian journey

  • You are also responsible to help train any CITs that are part of your cabin leadership team.  Explain what you know to them throughout the week and give them opportunities to learn how to lead. 



 Room and board at camp, and the amazing, fulfilling, and exciting opportunity to pour God’s Love into the Campers and Staff that are part of Upon The Rock!


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