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We'll see you
on the mountain!

Come share in the joy of camp with us!

“This camp is the best program there is. Upon The Rock does an exceptional job of supervising and educating campers, while offering life changing experiences for campers and staff.”

- A Staff Member

Elementary Camp


JULY 7TH-12TH, 2024

Come to our exciting week-long camp for campers going into 3rd Grade - 6th Grade, and enjoy outdoor activities, new friendships, and the chance to learn more about the Lord while having a blast!

Our week-long overnight camps are held at a rental facility in Divide, Colorado. This facility is 30 minutes west of Colorado Springs and offers cabins, a bathhouse, a swimming pool, a gym, a climbing wall, a challenge course, a zip-line, paddleboats, miniature golf and more! 

5 Nights + 6 Days in God's Creation!

Fun Outdoor Activities, Art Projects, Games, etc.

Learn more about God, and His Word, through our Bible Sessions and interactions with our amazing Counselors!

Make new friends in your Cabin! There are 4-8 campers in each.


We offer a voluntary, 3-level pricing program.

     $675.00 - LEVEL (1)

Represents the actual cost for a child to attend camp.

     $575.00 - LEVEL (2)

Represents a partially subsidized rate.

     $525.00 - LEVEL (3)

Our historically subsidized rate.

We realize that families have differing abilities to pay for camp. You get to choose the price that works best for your situation, and your decision will not influence the quality of care or programming your child receives.


We have a number of faithful donors who give to help cover the costs of camp that are not covered by the camper fees. If you choose levels 2 or 3, then the difference between what it actually costs to run camp is subsidized with donor gifts. 

Welcome to our new 

Online Registration process!

Campers smiling ith their counselor


Paddle across the Funyak Lake trying to collect as many rubberducks as you can!

Rules for acceptance are the same for everyone without regard to

race, color, nationality, religion, or disability. 


Please note: All our staff are volunteers. They are not necessarily trained to deal with campers who have mental, physical, or emotional difficulties. In order to best serve our campers and staff, we are implementing a new procedure to ensure that campers with unique needs have the support they need to thrive at camp!


We ask that any families sending campers who need one-on-one attention in order to function well at camp, would be prepared to send an Adult Supporter with them so that their needs are not neglected. This adult would need to apply as a volunteer staff member and will function either within the cabin as a Support Counselor or as a Base Staff Position with the clarification that they would be specifically responsible for the camper they are supporting.


Cabin counselors can have up to eight campers in their charge. If a child requires constant, special attention, it can cause unintended neglect for those special needs, or the needs of the other campers. We do everything in our power to ensure that campers with these special needs are not singled out, treated with a different level of care, or put in difficult situations, but in order for them to thrive at Upon The Rock, we’ve come to understand that different measures need to be taken for some.


If a campers’ special needs are not severe enough to need one-to-one care, but are still evident, we ask that you contact Mark or Kim Brunner, Co-Directors of Upon The Rock Christian Camp, to discuss any concerns you might have so plans may be made to provide for your child in the best way possible.


It is our desire to deal with each camper appropriately. Our goal is to foster a sense of love, security, and community within our camp family, and we strive to create an environment which promotes that for each of our campers so they can focus on learning more about the Lord while having a great camp experience!


Please contact us with questions or concerns.

For the safety and well-being of our campers we do reserve the right to refuse admission to our programs, in appropriate cases; per the General Rules for Child Care Facilities 7.701.14 and 7.702.61c. 


Upon The Rock's

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