The Call

Mark and Kim Brunner are the founders of Upon The Rock, but they know that God is the Creator of this vision and He is the only reason that Upon the Rock is in existence today.


Throughout the long and difficult process of setting up the organization, helping others catch the vision, searching for property and everything else that has taken place to get Upon the Rock to the point that it is at now, God has always been right there. He has guided us through problems and provided all that was needed to keep pressing forward. If this were a man-made vision, it would have fallen to the wayside years ago. God has made it clear that this vision is from Him.


We are now celebrating our 23rd year of camp! PRAISE GOD!


Upon The Rock became incorporated on December 22, 1994. God provided a Board of Directors who meet regularly for annual and special meetings to keep Upon The Rock running smoothly. Together this group of people adopted a set of by-laws that govern the operation of the organization.


501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Status:

With the help and expertise offered from a Christian lawyer, we were able to work through the application process, which establishes whether an organization is considered to be for profit or not for profit. Upon The Rock was granted non-profit status on August 8, 1996. This status enables Upon The Rock to issue receipts to donors for tax-deductible purposes and to apply for grants from foundations or public sectors.

Work Continues Here in La Veta!

Work on the property continues here in beautiful La Veta, Colorado. During the last few years, God provided the manpower and equipment to lay 15,000 feet of pipe underneath the camp road! This pipe will transfer all of the water to the necessary locations, and required heavy machinery, brilliant minds, and buckets of sweat to install.

We've had many incredible people working on this project, and we're thankful for the ways that God is being glorified through hard work!


Our incredible Staff not only work as counselors, support staff, and more, but also pour their energy into the continuing work of building Upon The Rock!

We've enjoyed many weekends of working side by side, and have been blessed by the progress made by these teams.

If you're interested in helping us during these times, please check out our WORK CAMP page, or contact us for more details!


The Spring Creek Fire of 2018

The Summer of 2018 brought great trials for the team at Upon The Rock. The Staff in La Veta was forced to watch the devastating Spring Creek Fire rip through the heart of the Camp Property, sparing some locations but completely incinerating others. Many pristine locations were changed forever over-night, and the way of life we'd become accustomed to was altered almost immediately.


While the fire continues to deeply impact the work at Upon The Rock, camp continues to move forward. Summer Camps held in Divide, CO will remain unaffected, while High School Wilderness Camp and others will be moved to untouched spots on the Property.

We've learned many, many things through this struggle about the incredible love and providence of our God. He has protected our family, the vision of Upon The Rock, and our COURAGE to continue pressing on!


Though many asked if we were possibly thinking about giving up, the answer has always been a resounding NO! Upon The Rock is, and always will be, rooted in the faith that the Lord oversees it's ministry. That includes these temporary setbacks and trials. We trust that He will continue to guide us as we press forward with the construction and repair of the property, and that someday, when we stand in a completed version of Upon The Rock, we'll look back on 2018 as a stepping stone well earned.

If you feel called to donate time or resources to the reconstruction going on at Upon The Rock, please send us an email at or press the button below!






Now the work continues!

We've had multiple crews from multiple different locations come to help with the mitigation efforts, and an incredible amount of work has already been done to prevent further damage to the camp property! While the fire may be long gone, the issues brought up by FLASH FLOODS have posed the most dangerous. Groups have been assembling LEBs (Log-Erosion-Barriers), securing locations, and removing extra debris in order to keep the damaged soil as contained as possible, which will give us a chance to re-grow as quickly as possible!

We praise God for the amazing help we've received, and the chance to glorify His name through these different trials.

If you're interested in helping with the mitigation effort, please check our WORK CAMP page for updated information on different work weekends that you can participate in!