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A picture of the flood destruction on the camp road.


Upon The Rock Christian Camp

It's hard to believe what can happen in three days.


And it's been a long three days, each filled with its own share of joy and difficulty. 

The code red we received last week wasn't a joke - this week we have seen flooding conditions nearly every day, and the Spring Creek Fire Burn Scar has received the brunt of it. 

While the rain has spared the property itself, the road up to the camp wasn't so fortunate. Heavy rain west of the camp provided just the "oomph" needed to trigger the expected flood, and flood it did. 


We helplessly watched the indicators going off on our phones as huge surges of water were pushing through Indian Creek, carrying debris, water, boulders and more down the thin canyon with incredible force!

Culverts we cleared barely a week ago were completely buried in silt, and roads that had been recently fixed by the county were broken away by flood waters raging down the canyon.

An image saying "Bad News First."

   Alright - let's get the bad news over with.

  • The county roads leading to the Upon The Rock gate are completely unusable at this point. There's no vehicle access to the camp. This will impact the ability to have Family Camp, Work Camp, and do other work projects that require vehicles.

  • The work of clearing culverts and fixing the road will continue - disheartening after so much hard work put in by our loving Staff.


An image saying "Can We Get Some Good News."

 There are absolutely some silver linings to this!

  • High School Camp, and the rest of the camp property, were virtually untouched by the brunt of the flood! This means that the flood barriers that our Staff installed are still holding well, and our actual camp roads are still intact!

  • The roads that have been mutilated by the flood are County Roads, so the reconstruction will be both the responsibility and financial burden of the county, NOT Upon The Rock!

  • The Lord has provided our faithful Mini Excavator, which will be absolutely imperative in helping us to reconstruct the entrance again. With it, we will be able to dig out the culverts once again, and will gain access to the camp once the county has repaired the road up to that point! We had some good practice with it last time, and will be ready to fix things as soon as we're able.

  • We have a good God who has brought many incredible, smart people alongside the camp, such as our friend David Steffan, who have continued to help us with this continual battle against the flood damage. His family is also experiencing damage on Middle Creek, a neighboring canyon, and we will continue to work towards open roads together.

As you can imagine, this has been a difficult blow at a difficult time. Our friends, communities, and world are struggling with so many new changes,

and now this damage; coming right on the heels of two weeks full of hard work. It's difficult to even write this update - who wants more bad news right now?


But we continue to seek the Lord, asking for help and comfort. There is tragedy in this, but there is also hope! We will make our way back to the camp, 

repair our entrance, and step back onto the camp property once again, looking forward to a future of being together despite this time of separation.


Maybe you're asking yourself:



  • The biggest help is your continual prayer. Please lift up the property, and continue to pray for the Upon The Rock Staff's courage!

  • We'll continue to work on the property - if you're interested in coming down to help, or you know somebody with experience in this area, please let us know.

  • If you're interested in making a financial donation to Upon The Rock at this time, you can donate here on our website.


Thank you for continuing to walk alongside us in this difficult season. We're not oblivious to the fact that it seems to be lasting an awfully long time - but the Lord's strength lasts longer! We treasure the moments of companionship we've found during this time, and have been thankful for every opportunity to spread the good news of Christ.


In His Everlasting Love,

The Staff of Upon The Rock

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