At Upon The Rock, our goal is to glorify Christ in everything that we say and do. In order to uphold this goal, we have decided that it's in the best interest of our campers, staff, and families to cancel Elementary and Junior Camp for the 2020 season due to the outbreak of COVID-19 at this time.

While the State of Colorado has sought to provide guidelines designed to keep camps open, a vast majority of camps, including Upon The Rock, feel that these guidelines are not conducive to the community and special nature of camp that we know and love. Without being able to gather as a group, to share space, equipment, hugs, etc., and without being able to truly be close as a camp, we're not sure that these two weeks would be beneficial to our campers, staff, and community as a whole.

In the Summer of 2021, which will be here before you know, we're hoping with all of our hearts to be reunited, and that Upon The Rock's family of campers and staff will be able to come together stronger, more encouraged, and more excited about Christ than ever.

Here are some options for our wonderful campers and their families:

1. If you'd like to support Upon The Rock in this season, you have the option to donate your registration fees, or initial deposit, to the ministry. Please call or email the Camp Office to indicate how you'd like these funds used.

2. If you'd like to roll both your registration and registrations fees (or initial deposit) forward to 2021, we will happily keep all of your information on file so the process is quick and easy next summer, which will, Lord willing, see us all reunited again. (We will make sure to contact you in the Spring of 2021 to confirm that your information hasn't changed and reissue your camper's paperwork.) Please call or email the Camp Office to begin this process.

3. If you'd like to begin the process of a full refund, we'd be more than happy to get that started for you. Please call or email the Camp Office to begin this process.


2 + 4. Roll your Elementary or Junior Camp registration forward for Summer 2021, but keep camp in your life this year!


We've got an End-of-Summer Family Camp coming up in August, which will be specially designed to keep our families safe, spiritually nourished, and happy, and we're also brainstorming some other, smaller style camps that we might be able to incorporate later in the summer.

CAMP OFFICE:  719.742.6777  |  upontherockcamp@gmail.com

No matter which option you pick, we hope that you'll allow us to stay in your camper's lives. We've already been hard at work preparing an idea called:

This special care package will be sent to each camper who registers before the deadline of July 1st, and will be a special box full of goodies that will bring a little bit of camp straight to your front door. (If you have multiple campers in your family, each of them will receive a box!)

However, this is in no way a substitute for camp itself.

Our hearts are heavy with the weight of this decision, and we understand how difficult this will be for many campers and families who have been looking forward to spending time at camp.

If your campers have questions about this, or even just need someone to talk to about their disappointment, confusion, or anxiety in this time, please email us at: upontherockcamp@gmail.com. If you think an email, letter, or phone call from our very own Big Mark, Mrs. Kim, or Mrs. B. would be beneficial, these mentors would be more than happy to offer answers or advice!

We are praying for each of our campers and their families in this time - please know that you're always in our thoughts, and we will be hard at work preparing everything for the Summer of 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: If new information becomes available, either from the County Health Department or the State of Colorado, Upon The Rock will take this decision into consideration again and determine a course of action. All campers, staff, and families impacted by this decision will be contacted immediately following such information being made available.



We can't wait to be back at camp enjoying a beautiful summer night, roasting marshmallows together, singing songs of praise around a campfire, and enjoying the friendship and fellowship that Upon The Rock is known for.

Until then, God bless you.

In His Love,

Mark and Kimberly Brunner

The Board of Upon The Rock

and the Entire Upon The Rock Staff

© 2019 Upon The Rock Christian Camp

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