Upon The Rock Christian Camp




At the beginning of 2020, we set out for another amazing summer. Camp was our mountain to climb and summit, and we were thrilled to begin the exciting journey for the 23rd time! We began working hard to prepare our gear, plan our programs, create contingency plans, and to recruit the team. We were determined to do everything possible to continue to provide the opportunity for youth and families to find relief from the craziness of this world. From our perspective, the need for the hope that can only be found in Christ seems more evident now than ever before.


As the pandemic ramped up, we prayed fervently for God’s wisdom in these uncertain times. Our heart’s desire has always been to minister to our campers, staff, and camp families…and this purpose has never seemed more important than now. Our hope all along has been that this commitment to “have camp no matter what” came not from a stubborn spirit, but from a genuine love for our camp family and the belief that camp was just what was needed in this new, troubling, and sometimes painful environment.


The summit date of camp is rapidly approaching, and we know that we can’t wait any longer in terms of making this decision. We do so knowing that we did everything in our power to provide another incredible camp experience this summer. The mountain we have been faithfully climbing has now been shrouded in large, dark clouds of uncertainty. We had hoped the storm would clear, but with everything we know right now, we have come to this heartbreaking conclusion – we must back down from the climb we started at the beginning of the year.


It is with heavy hearts that we share with you that Upon The Rock Christian Camp will be cancelling our week-long summer camps for July 2020.


For months on end now, we’ve been hard at work attempting to find a different route to reach our summit. We wrote up protocols, consulted many other camps and different resources, reorganized our programs, and above all we sought the Lord’s help. In the past, the Staff of Upon The Rock has always stepped up to the plate when adversity hit, and we believed we would also be able to withstand this new storm with great courage.


However, this is no longer about courage. With the current climate surrounding COVID-19, which is full of unknowns and constantly changing, we feel that there are still too many unanswered questions for us to feasibly and effectively proceed.


Perhaps you’re asking yourself – why not proceed with camp while simply following the state guidelines? We asked ourselves this same question, but after much prayer, evaluating our own camp program within the framework of following the guidelines and consulting with other camps who are prayerfully considering the same option, we’ve found that running our program with these kinds of restrictions won’t truly be camp. Camp is a place of connection, closeness, and community. None of these are possible in their true forms under the guidelines mandated by the State of Colorado.


We want to thank our Staff - all of whom are faithful volunteers committed to serving Christ through camp. Even though you didn’t know what the summer would hold, you devoted your time and energy to this ministry and we are extremely grateful. Please know that we will greatly miss serving God with you this summer, but we will be waiting with great anticipation for the coming days when we can reunite and glorify Him together.


To our campers and camp families – we were hoping beyond hope to minister to you this summer. There is a hole in our hearts because we cannot see your smiling faces, hear the joyful sounds of your laughter, or praise the Lord alongside you.


Though we’ve had to return to the base of the mountain in terms of summer camp, our work isn’t finished. We will continue to move forward at the camp property here in La Veta, and with hearts full of determination and passion, we will dedicate ourselves to preparing for the next climb.


Let’s set a new date.

Summer 2021.

This is not “goodbye”– this is “see you soon.”


If you’ve already turned in a Staff Application for 2020, please know that this application will serve for your 2021 Application if you’re available and willing to come!


We will have a short Update Application available for you in January 2021, which will allow us to get an update on your situation and go over whatever other paperwork you’ll need for next summer.


Please put us on your calendar for July 2021 – we want nothing more than to serve with you again.


1. If you'd like to begin the process of a FULL REFUND, we'd be more than happy to get that started for you.


2. Our personal favorite! If you'd like to roll the fees you’ve paid this year FORWARD to 2021, we will happily keep all of your information on file so the process is quick and easy next summer.


(We will make sure to contact you in the Spring of 2021 to confirm that your information hasn't changed and reissue your camper's paperwork.)


3. If you'd like to SUPPORT Upon The Rock in this season, you have the option to donate the fees you’ve paid to the ministry.

Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know which option you prefer.

CAMP OFFICE:  719.742.6777  |  upontherockcamp@gmail.com

No matter which option you pick, we hope that you'll allow us to stay in your camper's lives. We've already been hard at work preparing an idea called:


This special care package will be sent to each camper who is already registered for camp, and will be a special box full of goodies that will bring a little bit of camp straight to your front door.


(If you have multiple campers in your family, each of them will receive a box! If you were waiting to register your child for camp to see what was going to happen with COVID, let us know and we can send your child a box as well!)


We know that this, in no way, can be a substitute for camp itself, but hope that it will remind our precious campers that they’re in our prayers, on our minds and that they will be welcomed with open arms in the Summer of 2021.

If your campers have questions about this, or even just need someone to talk to about their disappointment, confusion, or anxiety in this time, please email us at: upontherockcamp@gmail.com. If you think an email, letter, or phone call from our very own Big Mark, Mrs. Kim, or Mrs. B. would be beneficial, these mentors would be more than happy to offer answers or advice!

More than ever, we are praying for each of our campers, staff, and their families during this difficult time. May God be with you.

In His Love,

Mark and Kimberly Brunner

The Board of Upon The Rock

and the Entire Upon The Rock Staff